Under Development

That is some awesome curly maple and it’s a very comfortable design. The photos really can’t do it justice.

Sneak Peak at Top Secret Project
OK well that’s a little dramatic I’m sure, but I’ve been keeping this one under wraps while I worked on the MosZilla II project. Nicknamed Siberian Tiger the rifle consists of a 22 inch Teludyne Tech StraightJacket that was purchased from it’s former owner.  The previous owner had stripped all the parts from this barrel to use on a UK59 barreled project rifle, he knew how much I like the TTI stuff so I was able to purchase it from him.

The stock was custom built by Morgan Stapp at Bluegrass Stock Company out of Kentucky.   Sitting on top of all that pretty curly maple and steel is a LaRue Tactical scope mount that places the  Hawke

Wow what a scope..

Optics Endurance 30 scope just where it needs to be.  Let me tell you this scope is phenomenal.  Bright clear and man what a field of view.   This rifle will also be fitted out with a Timney Trigger, when it comes to a Trigger for me there is no other choice, I will more that likely add a trigger shoe on this rifle too.  So far the stock had been pillared with Rock  Solids Industries pillars but I won’t bed the action yet until I have the trigger fitted and installed.

Will keep you posted as this build progresses.
Stay on Target