SoCaMo Welcomes Boyds Guns Stocks

I’d like to take a moment to publicly welcome one of our new sponsors Boyds Gun Stocks.  I’ve used Boyds stocks on several projects and to have them come on board with us here is fantastic!  In fact I was at the range with my Marlin Model 60 last weekend.  Normally no one would bother looking at a Marlin Model 60,  but this one had lots of folks stopping and asking who built it and what stock I was using.

I’m planning on using their Mosin Nagant stock on a couple of projects guns for the site.  One project will consist of mild mods that could be undone should someone what to return the gun to original condition and the other will be a heavy modded project gun.  I’m currently looking for two guns that has little or no historic value but is in good shape for the project.  Perhaps one from RGuns.

Thanks again Boyds for the great products.

Mark aka M1