Product Review UltraPro X Adventure Cams

I’ve been wanting to do a review of the new generation of action cameras on the market for quite some time, the market seems to have a new contestant entering the arena almost weekly.  So many of these cameras are not geared for “professional” use but mainly were marketed to the consumer market.  However the majority of these are simply repackaged versions of the previous generation of action cams or worse, total fakes with horrible performance.  With so many to choose from one must be well informed about the all the options available and the pitfalls when purchasing the low budget options.
I have many friends who own the apex predator of action cams on the market aka the well known GoPro, and yes while the video output is great, the price is not.   In this up coming series of reviews I’ll be looking at the new UtltraPro X series of cameras, Specifically the action cams 10 and 7 models.

1456624871Ironically this is a company I actually found by accident, I was looking to purchase a SJ4000 to do some testing with, but after being burnt on a Ebay purchase from a company that sold me a really bad knock off. I stumbled across an auction for the UltraProX Adventure Cam4 which peaked my interest.  After seeing the auction for that camera I wanted to check out the website to find the specs for the model 4 before I bid on it.  Upon arriving at the homepage for UltraProX 7 watched several videos from users, the quality was outstanding, so now with my interest peaked I started looking at what was available.  I noticed that there was no model 4 in the product list, but there was a model 7, 8+ and 10!   I think I spent a couple hours reviewing video and going over all the information I could glean from the site.  I must say so far I am impressed with the company and the equipment.  In their about statement they say the following:
“We manufacture our own products or work directly with the factory to get the product exactly how we want them. This allows us to Provide the best products at Manufacturer Direct Pricing backed by World Class Customer Service.”

In a future post I’m going to be comparing the cameras to the Sony HDR-AS15 and the so called low budget SJCAM specifically the SJ4000.