Boyds Releases 2 new Mosin Nagant Stocks

Check out Boyds new line of Mosin Nagant StocksBoyds Gun Stocks are some of the nicest off the shelf stocks for the Mosin Nagant.  I’ve been working on my own Boyds stock for a while now trying to create a custom finish and color.  I was pleasently surprised when I visited the Boyds page today looking for some new deal (they have a deal just about every week) But just look at these new stocks they’ve just released.  Along with the original Boyds Classic Mosin Nagant stock there are 2 NEW models, the Ross FT and Prairie Hunter.  I think they look great!  Best part is I believe they are almost plug and play, coming pre-finished and milled.  I did have a heads up sometime ago that there were some new designs in the works, and had a few sketchy details, but nothing concrete.    I’m glad to see that they are finally available.  I’ve put a call into Boyds today to see if I can get any more information and details on them.  I’m hoping to hear back soon.

Hmmmm I think I’d like a Prairie Hunter to try on my next project gun.  Darn just when you thought you had money saved for something this happens, argh.

MosZilla Project 91/30 Update

I just posted Update VII for MosZilla on the blog.  Here is the link
MosZilla Update Click Here
More to follow

MosZilla Update VII

Houston We Have A Problem
Update: MosZilla’s is coming along fine, the guys at TTI have finished the barrel and it looks awesome, it was while they were installing the cantilever scope mount and Hawke Optics scope that they discovered a slight issue.  In my design I forgotten to allow for the additional height of the scope and mount.  So when you place the rifle in the shooting position the comb and cheek weld aren’t in the proper alignment to use the scope.  Thus making it hard or darn near impossible to use the optics on the rifle.  This problem arises when a stock is made to line up with iron sites, which was the original configuration for MosZilla, but then when I decided to upgrade from iron sites to optics I simply had not taken that into account,  and I should know better. (Duh)

Simple Solution
After I got all the details I started thinking of a solution, lower scope mount might work but it needed to still have the cantilever for proper eye relief, I found a few but none low enough for the job.  So I looked at some other solutions, after coming up empty I gave Alan and the guys a call. They were very helpful and now I believe we are on the path to not only a a solid solution, but a great one.    As a mater of fact this is actually what I wanted to do with the stock when I originally had Arron build it for me.  So they will be doing a few mods to the stock and MosZilla will be getting her unveiling soon.   I have some photos of the rifle as it sits now, but don’t want to show them just yet.  Let me just say the boys at Teludyne Tech have done a spectacular job, and I’m a Mosin Owner.
More to Follow

An Encounter with Living History

Well the other day my son had to go in for a CT scan for these random headaches he was experiencing, thank the Lord it was nothing serious. But while I was sitting in the waiting room I had the honor of meeting a WWII vet that was one of the boys that charged Utah Beach.

Approach to Utah Beach by US Landing Craft

If anyone knows me I’m a history buff, and this was unbelievable treat to sit and chat with this man. I won’t use his name because I didn’t ask his permission to use it. His story was amazing, and he had the scars to prove it. The now 80 something year old soldier was among the first wave of men to hit the beach at Utah. His story began with how he and his fellow soldiers were shipped to France in what he deemed a “cattle boat”. Then how the Higgins Boat landing craft he was in did not get them in close enough to the beach, so when they lowered the ramp, he and the other men jumped out they sank up to almost their chests in the surf. Loaded down with his M1 rifle, ammo and all the other stuff they had to carry he and his brothers in arms fought their way in.


He and some of his fellow soldiers had made it up to the seawall and was about to go the right with a group of men  when one of his buddies pulled him to the left. that is when a enemy round struck him in the side of the nose, the round did not hit any thing vital and exited out his cheek it then hit him in the shoulder  He was also struck by 3 other rounds in the shoulder and arm.  While his wounds were serious according to him they were not life threatening.   He said “if my buddy hadn’t pulled me to the left and I had gone to the right as some of the others did I’d have been dead.”   Reports have the casualties at Utah at around 200, that’s low compared to Normandy and others but this was a fight just as important as the rest.  I sat for well over an hour fascinated to his accounts of that day in June.

Medics save many of our boys, Their bravery was amazing!


I must say who ever the medic was that patched this boy up did a great job. His scars had faded with the years but they were still visible.  It was almost funny to hear him convey the story of how the field medics patched him up. It was almost patch the holes and a pat on the head.  He said he made it up the beach a few hundred yards more yards and the next thing he knew he found himself in a field hospital.  But in his words I wasn’t there long.

He said after a short recovery he found himself marching inland to fight  under Gen Patton at the  battle of St Lo. He talked about as they marched how grateful the French people were to the US GI’s,   bringing them bread, butter and wine.

The more time you spent with him you could almost see that younger man emerge from beneath the years.  I must say it was a totally amazing experience to chat with someone who was there and still remembered with great detail the events of that day. As I said earlier the CT scans for my son came back fine which was a huge relief, but the hours spent waiting were not wasted either. I had the honor to sit and listen to the real account of that days events on Tuesday, 6 June 1944 through the eyes of a 18 year old young man, the years may have changed his outward appearance. But the stories of that day are just as fresh to him as the day he lived them. I do wish someone would start recording these memories and putting them down where the revisionists can not change them.  We must not allow revisionists to try and change history, If we do the valor and honor of these and all men who served their country might be lost forever.  If our children only had direct access to some of these stories of valor and honor American’s could once again see it’s self has that shining city on a hill.  God bless our vets all of them.
It’s with humble respect I post this article to honor them.

Never take your freedom for granted, they didn't!


Free Mosin Nagant

The Guys at TTI have come up with a great deal for our members, below is the copy they posted to the forum.

To celebrate the first anniversary of SOCAMO, Mark has asked us to do something special for SOCAMO members. The Teludyne Team would like to pass along to SOCAMO members only, a FREE RIFLE!

While supplies last you have two options;

1. 384.00 – You are buying a Carbon Steel Straightjacket TM Barrel System installation and shipping and handling to the FFL of your choice, and we are giving you the Mosin for FREE!

2. 449.00 – You are buying a Carbon Steel StraightJacket TM Barrel System installation and the custom installation of a picatinny rail and shipping and handling to the FFL of your choice, and we are giving you the Mosin for FREE!

This photo is an example of how your rifle will look.

Starting June 1, 2011 and ending June 30, 2011 call in to the Teludyne office (864)334-5300 and place your order; you will need to give the Teludyne rep your SOCAMO screen name when you place your order.

Brilliant Idea from TGR

This is Brilliant!
Got a Mosin Nagant M91/30 that you’ve modded and now you’ve got a bayonet that you don’t know what to do with?  Well TGR makers of Brass Stacker products has just come up with an idea that should have been made years ago. Interested read on.

Wow that is a brilliant idea! Darn wish I thought of it..

Brass Stacker has created a handle and pommel system (Brass Stacker model number Model 090-011 for brass and Model 090-012 for steel) that converts your old unused bayonet into a usable tool. The handle and pommel system is constructed out of either solid brass or steel and comes with a lifetime warranty. Here is some information of both models

Brass Model information
Brass Stacker™ Model 090-011 for Mosin Nagant 9130; Bayonet Handle
Features: CNC machined and polished Solid Brass; Hardened Alloy Steel Black Button Head Cap Screw; Supplied Hex Wrench; Lifetime Warranty

Steel Model Information
Brass Stacker™ Model 090-012 for Mosin Nagant 9130; Bayonet Handle
Features: CNC machined Solid Steel; Black Oxide Finish; Hardened Alloy Steel Black Button Head Cap Screw; Supplied Hex Wrench; Lifetime Warranty

Instructions on installation
Please note that the handle is design to have a tight fit and should require some degree of force to install. Remove Button Head Cap Screw from handle. Align engraved area on handle with slot in bayonet. Gently tap bayonet onto handle with soft hammer or rubber mallet until threaded hole in handle is in the center of the square opening in bayonet. Depress locking mechanism of bayonet and install supplied 1/4″-20 x 3/8″ Button Head Cap Screw with supplied Allen wrench. Check for proper tight fit.

So if you’ve got a old 91/30 bayo laying around and you want to make something useful out of it here it is.  Should be useful on Boar hunts as well as other types of game hunting.  All I have to say is Well Done to Brian and the guys at TGR keep up the good work for us Mosin Nagant owners.


New Update on MosZilla’s Progress

I just posted an update on MosZilla’s progress with photos from TTI, here is the link to the whole story MosZilla Update VI.  Check it out

MosZilla Update VI

Well it looks like things are progressing well on MosZilla, I received some great photos from Mark Roth yesterday showing some of the processes that rifle have gone through during it’s metamorphosis. Here is a sneak peek at a few of them..

Parts Collection

The StraightJacket Barrel System process starts with the take down of the rifle. All parts are bagged to insure they remain together throughout the process.

MosZilla's stock is separated from the action and made ready for the refitting of the new barrel dimension. This is included in the price of the StraightJacket Barrel System.

Mark Hatfield true’s up Moszilla's (stock) for StraightJacket placement. Every rifle in the shop goes through this process. (note) There's a lot of Marks working on this project!

The StraightJacket has been applied, the welding adaptor is in place and it is in the final stages of fitting, all cosmetic work is done after the final fitting so the finish is not marred in any way. This StraightJacket is it’s rough form, it will be sanded, bead blasted, etc. before final finish.

The StraightJacket is press fit to the breach and welded in place. A few more finishing steps and the rifle will be prepped for paint, painted and re-assembled. We are not letting this gun get out of our factory without shooting it!

Test fitting the action back into MosZilla's stock everything looks perfect!

As you can see by these photos the guys at Teludyne Tech Industries are true artists, believe me when I say I don’t trust just anyone to work on my firearms, these guys have earned my admiration and respect. The rifle that has become MosZilla is one of my favorite M91/30’s of all time, I wouldn’t have sent it to them if I didn’t believe in the product. I am honored to have such talented professionals as part of the MosZilla build team and more importantly part of this website. More updates to follow.

Oh the joys of Vacations

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post my family and I just got back from Washington state, we had a pretty good time while there.  Unfortunately the trip home found me bringing more than I left with.  We had taken AMTRAK and the last night on the train the waitress that was serving our dinner was suffering from something.  She kept sniffling and wiping her noise the whole time she was serving us.  Well today I got the same thing she had, oh joy, last day of my vacation and I’m getting sick.  So by tonight I’ve got a full blown cold or something.

So now I have to go to work tomorrow and suffer through 8hrs of work plus a hour drive both ways.  I hope I can burn this thing out quick I need to get back to the land of the productive.  So a big thanks goes out to AMTRAK for sending me home with an extra gift.

New Product Review Coming Soon

TGR Enterprises Mosin Nagant Scope Mount

TGR Enterprises has sent me one of their Brass Stacker Scout Mounts for the Mosin Nagant for a testing.  I’ve had the privilege of speaking with Brian at TGR several times and I was surprised when I returned home to find he had graciously sent me one for review.

So it looks like I need to go find a new Mosin Nagant to install the mount on! Oh Boy that means I need a new scope too!  Hmmm which one M91/30 or ???  Thanks Brian I’m always looking for an excuse to purchase a new rifle as a test bed!  Stay tuned for the review, being I’m in CA it’s gonna be at least 10 days before a new rifle gets here.  I’m also glad my wife doesn’t mind me using her dinning room table as a photo stand..
Happy Shooting