Is that Mosin Really Clean?

OK tonight I decided to work on my 1942 Izzy M91/30 with open sites for the Zombie shoot.  I had cleaned the rifle extensively several weeks ago and thought I had it really clean.  Well tonight I found out just how wrong I really was.  When I cleaned this rifle before I had torn it down completely, and scrubbed all the parts with mineral spirits.  I had done all I normally do to get a clean Mosin and put it away ready for use.  But for fun tonight I decided to scrub the chamber again with mineral spirits.  I pulled my 20 gauge brush out and a cleaning rod and mounted that in my battery powered drill, then dipped the brush into the mineral spirits and gave it a really good spin in the chamber area.  After dipping the brush back into the container that held the mineral spirits to my surprise the solution turned brown.

Now I had scrubbed this rifle in the same manner about a month ago, I continued to clean it until all the patches ran clean.. tonight I continued this process several more times until I got the solution and the patches to be clean again.  But this time I decided I was going to try something different.  I grabbed my can of “Never Dull” and added a big hunk into the patch loop and put that on the drill.  I ran that clump of wadding in and out of the chamber thinking I’m just going to get a little shine in there.  To my astonishment the wadding came out black, not just dark, black!  So I flipped the wadding around to expose some cleaner surface and ran it in again.  2 or 3 minutes later, black again!  While I was at it I let the wadding have at the locking lugs.  Yikes how could this thing be that dirty?  How could I have missed so much stuff.

So after a little thought I believe what is happening is that the cosmoline has penetrated down into the pores of metal, whatever the chemicals are that are in the Never Dull are actually pulling the cosmoline back out.  I was told by Ken at Rock Solid Industries to use a similar method on the barrel (without the drill) and I’ll see similar results.  One of the coolest side effects seems to have been the bolt,  now the bolt cycles really smoothly.  Maybe that cleaning in the lug area really helped as well.  I need to buy a smaller loop for the barrel but if the barrel results are anything like the chamber this looks very promising.

MosZilla Update XV Part 1

Let’s step back for a moment
I don’t know how many of you have been following MosZilla’s build but the scope mount I has chosen was always a big concern for me.  I needed to get the proper eye relief on the scope while being able to use the rail system TTI had installed.  Unfortunately I had seriously miscalculated the scope and rail and cheek heights during the design phase.  So as a result the AR15 style mount I had purchased never quite worked correctly.
The mount caused the scope to sit much to high, and did not have enough adjustment to allow for proper eye relief.  This in turn never really allowed me to totally get comfortable behind the scope or the rifle.

Hence my search for a new mount, while I was online one night in search for a solution,  I found myself looking in awe at the LaRue Tactical website.  These guys make some really awesome stuff, and there on one of the pages of their web site was exactly what I had been looking for!  Behold the LaRue Tactical SPR-E139,  it was the proper length, lower profile and best of all it’s made in America!   So after a quick phone call and a very nice conversation with Luke at LaRue Tactical, they shipped out one of their mounts for me to try.

Christmas Comes Early

Gotta love that mount and bumper sticker too!

Well at least it seemed like it, as I was sitting down for dinner the nice man in the brown truck dropped off a package at my front door.   So I quickly finished my dinner and excused myself from the table.  I grabbed my small pocket knife and began to split the tape that held the box closed.  I must say I was pleasantly surprised, not only was my SPR-E139 scope mount  in the box, but low and behold were some other goodies that had been sent along for the ride by LaRue.   On top was a cool LaRue Tactical hat, something I always need when I go to the range to help cover my ever growing forehead.  Also included were a couple of cool bumper

Cool Hat and the legendary Dillo Dust..

stickers, there was a copy of the US Constitution,a way cool LaRue Tactical bottle opener, and last but not least a bottle of their legendary Dillo Dust!

I had heard about “Dillo Dust” from my buddy Noel at Teludyne Tech, he said it was awesome on BBQ chicken.  So at this point I’m like a kid in a candy store.   I ran upstairs and grabbed MosZilla and some tools placed her on the gun vise.  After taking a few quick photos for reference, proceeded to remove the scope from the old mount.  After removing the scope from the rings I gave it a quick once it over just to make sure everything was fine.  Next I removed the AR15 style mount from the rail, this now gave me the opportunity to inspect the job that TTI did on mounting the rail system to the barrel.  Very nicely done I must say.

Instructions? I don’t need no stinking instructions!
No not that the mount didn’t come with instructions, but in my usual fashion I tried to figure it out on my own first.  I had decided that I should put the mount on the rifle first and then install the scope.    But after many failed attempts I figured out this was clearly not the best way to install my rather large Hawke Optics scope onto the  LaRue mount.

This type of mount does not mount the optics in the usual way.   In most setups you’d install the bottom part of the scope ring on the rail and set the scope down onto the lower halves of the scope rings.  But LaRue’s SPR-E uses what is in my opinion a superior system of opposing screw tension to hold pressure on the scope and the mount.   Another very cool feature of the SPR-E mount is if you decide to purchase a different scope that is larger or smaller diameter, you only need to purchase a new set rings, not an entire mount!  While I was installing the scope I found out (the hard way) that there is a proper sequence in which to tighten the torques head screws on the mount.  You must tighten the bottom set of screws first so they will properly hold the rings on to the base.  Failure to do so will result in a ring that will not tighten down correctly.  I called Luke again today to see if there was a spec to tighten the scope rings too, he gave me the spec of about 3 foot lbs.

(TOP) AR15 style Mount I was using (BOTTOM) The LaRue Tactical mount, you can clearly see the difference. The LaRue is just so much more robust.

As you can see from the photo  the LaRue Tactical Mount is so much more robust in it’s construction.  The area of the mount that attaches to the rail is longer, which makes for a more stable platform.  The cantilever is longer too, giving me the much needed length to achieve  perfect eye relief for my scope.

You will also notice the the LaRue features quick release levers on the side instead of the typical screws.  These need to be properly adjusted for your rail, LaRue supplies the wrench and instructions on how to achieve the proper clamping pressure.  Once this task was completed the scope sat in place solid as a rock.  I have yet to preform a test where I remove the scope and reinstall it on the rifle and test to see if  it returns to zero,  But I suspect if everything remains the same it will.   Stay tuned Part II will be coming coming soon, I have a new scope from Hawke Sport Optics on the way that I will be testing on this mount as well.  So in the mean time.
Stay On Target

TGR/Brass Stacker at it again!

If you remember the last time I posted about these guys they had come up with a handle to use with they Mosin Nagant bayonet you had laying around.

Made of solid steel here in the USA!

This time the guys have come up with another use for that old bayonet.  TGR has come up with a way to convert that on bayo into a hog hunters tool, by adding a length on EMT conduit or perhaps a wooden handle giving you a great way of applying the coup de grâce on a mortally wounded animal without exposing yourself to those nasty cutters.   On their ebay posting it lists the item as follows.

“Do something with your Mosin Nagant 91/30 bayonet! Mosin Nagant 9130 Solid Steel Bayonet Adapter with Black Oxide finish.  Here is what Brass Stacker says about the item. “Use YOUR OWN (bayonet is NOT included) Mosin Nagant 9130 Bayonet with the Brass Stacker™ Bayonet Adapter then PURCHASE LOCALLY (EMT tubing NOT included) the readily available and inexpensive EMT Tubing. Cut tubing to desired length,  drill one hole in Tubing and assemble.
CNC Machined Solid Steel
100% Lifetime Warranty
Quality Accessories Made in the USA!
Easy Installation
NO Permanent Modification”
These are available now along with some of there other great products through their ebay store. at

Interesting Question

Yesterday I had a user on another forum pose a interesting question to us Mosin Nagant owners in general.  The question basically stated was “how can I own a rifle that has been used against our soldiers in the Middle East”.  For a second I must admit I was taken aback, but then I began to think about the positive history of the Mosin Nagant.  In WWI American soldiers carried M91’s as part of Archangel, during WWII it was a rifle that helped defeat the Nazi’s.  I also know this rifle was used against us in several wars, such as Korea and Viet Namm.  It has also used against the Russians who designed and built these wonderful rifles.  But one must  remember the rifle is simply a tool, no different from knife or hammer or even a car.  In the wrong hands any tool can be used for evil.  How many of our own arms have been used against us in war?  We may never really know.  Then the thought came to me that every one of these rifles I purchase and own,  I’m taking that rifle away from a terrorist or insurgent.    So in a way I’m doing my part to keep these off the battlefield.  A Mosin Nagant in the hands of an American is a beautiful thing.  Gee I guess that means I need to buy a few more.
Stay On Target

MosZilla Update XIV

MosZilla Needs a Case
Today I went out looking for a new case for MosZilla, one that would be useful for taking the rifle to the range plus storage. Rifle bags were out because they simply don’t offer much in the way of real protection. I looked at the majority of plastic style cases, they were nice for basic storage and transport but one thing kept annoying me. That was lack of internal support. The cases that did offer a “custom fit were in the 500.00 dollar range so they were off the list. So why not one of the regular cases you ask? Think about it you’ve spent all that time setting up your scope and getting the rifle dialed in, then you simply lay your rifle in a plastic case with egg crate foam. The scope is basically floating in the case between the foam, the majority of the clamping force for the rifle comes from where the foam presses on the stock.  So while the stock may not move much the scope is having most of it’s weight supported mostly by the mounts and rail.   So there is a good possibility with a good jar the rifle and scope getting getting knocked out of alignment.

Rifle sits nice in snug in this really cool case.

Enter the Vertical Case
Plano makes a vertical gun case that will fit MosZilla quite nicely, Plano’s AirGlide 1301 is 51 inches long and causes the rifle to set vertically in the case. There is also adequate space for a few goodies to travel with your rifle like that firing pin gauge and or some adjustment tools etc. The case has heavy duty latches and can be locked and is airline rated!

Here is what Plano says about the case:
Plano’s AirGlide 1301 provides an air cushion for rifles and shotguns. Two high-density foam inserts and security straps allow the gun to literally “float” inside the case. This case is a “must” for traveling with a target rifle. It is airline approved and lockable.
Internal Dimensions: 51.5″L x 4″W x 15″ tall

The case should be here in about a week, so I should have some new photos of MosZilla sporting it’s new LaRue Tactical scope mount as I pack it up for a return trip to TTI for some additional modifications.
Stay on Target

New tool on the way for review!

This is the Gunsmith style tool, thicker block and heavy duty thread insert! I like the RED

Well I’ve been needing some way of adjusting those front sites on my Mosin Nagant M91/30’s for some time. I never didn’t like the brass punch method for a couple of reasons. First it takes to long to get it just right and second I don’t like bending punches or banging on the barrel. so I ordered one of these really cool sight adjuster tools from Elby Custom Services These make adjustment of the front site almost painless from what I hear.  I’ll be posting a review soon.  The tool looks to be well made and the powder coating is a nice touch.. I ordered the red one!  Well I’ll be posting the review soon.

MosZilla Update XII

OK well this post is partially a recreation of the original post and since I have some updates those will be included in this one.

MosZilla’s Return

Well as I had posted previously MosZilla came back from Teludyne Tech and I was very impressed with the workmanship and the overall appearance of the rifle.  Alan at TTI had really went above and beyond the call of duty on this project.  Here are a few photos:

Here you can see the raised cheek and new recoil pad that was added to stock

Arron Hendersons stock underwent some major mods at Teludyne Tech, the mods allowed me to be able to get proper eye position on the scope as well as taking even more bite out of the recoil with the limbsaver recoil pad.

MosZills scope and mount, this mount may be replaced with an LaRue Tactical SPR-E LT139 to lover the scope even further

The scope mount I sent TTI was always a bit of a concern for me that it might set to high on the rifle.  While it works great I might try and lower the scope even further by changing out this unit with one called a LaRue Tactical SPR-E LT139, The Guys at LaRue are fantastic and the product looks to be exactly what MosZilla needs.    While the rifle performs well with this scope I know lowering the scope will improve the accuracy.

Pleasant surprise was the barrel stamping, I did the color inletting

have other mods that are more pressing.  I will most likely do that scope mount after these other mods.  So your probably wondering about the StriaghtJacket barrel system and it’s performance.  It is in a word excellent, the rifle performs so much better than it did when she left.  I was getting groups of well over an inch with barrel temp a major factor.  I am now getting less than an inch groups at 100 yards, I believe I can get this lower because  I seem to be having some issues with the scope and cant.  I have not officially taken photos of the groupings I shot for several reasons.  First I still need to do some more sight in work,  and I wanted to try out the rifle

The StraightJacket comes with the TTI Muzzle Break, this has really tamed the 7.62x54R recoil

before I did an official review.  I know Alan is a right handed shooter and while he did his best to set it up for me the scope still needed some major tweaking, it’s close now but not totally correct.  I think I may have an issue with the AR15 mount.  Once I resolve the mount issue to my liking I’ll be posting updated photos sometime in the future.  So all and all TTI did an outstanding job on this project.  Alan did a fantastic job on all the mods and even added a few additional tweaks to the rifle.  I would like to thanks Mark Roth, Noel Lasure, Alan Adolphsen and all the rest of the Teludyne Tech Industries Team for their work and help in making MosZilla a reality.  In fact I like this rifle so much that I’m saving up for one of Teludyne Techs Mosin Nagant Olympic Models.


Simply the finest trigger for the Mosin Nagant and the added safety is a big plus

While I was doing some test firings with MosZilla I noticed that the trigger was causing me to pull shots.  I think it was partially from a inconstant brake.  I was getting 8-11 pounds and that was causing me a little grief.  Now don’t get me wrong the trigger was better that when it had left, but you can only do so much with the Mosin’s stock trigger.  That was one of the weak spots in my design of the rifle, and I knew it.  So I put in a call to the good folks at Timney Triggers, they were very kind to send one of their awesome adjustable trigger systems to help alleviate my Mosin trigger blues.  The Timney Trigger is simply the finest system available to the Mosin Nagant owner. This trigger features a fully adjustable brake from 2lbs to 8lbs and has the added bonus of a real safety!  Other trigger systems on the market simply do not.  They are modified stock designs and while those are fine for the guy who want to maintain a stock Mosin I did not have that concern.  This also has opened the door for me to modify the cocking knob on the rifle as well, which should result in quicker lock times.  Yes there will be a loss of mass but I’m not shooting surplus ammo out of this rifle anyway, so that should be a moot point.  I will be testing to see if the spring in the rifle is sufficient with the lighter knob.  I have a good test that I’ll be posting in the tech tips page later, a gunsmith buddy showed me a trick on how to test firing pin impact.   While I

Rock Solids Action screw allow for a tighter locking ability for improved accuracy.

was at it I ordered up a set of Rock Solid Industries hex action screws and a set of their Pillars.  The action screws gives you the ability for a tighter locking ability on the action this translates into improved accuracy.  Also the RSI Pillar set as well.  These will need to be modded slightly to allow for the Timney Trigger to fit properly.  MosZilla’s stock will also need to be modded to accommodate the Timney Trigger, this will involve removing some material from the action area.  I was telling Mark Roth at TTI about what else I had planned to do MosZilla and and he has offered to have them do the install!  I think MosZilla might just be a taking another trip to South Carolina.. Hmmm I wonder if I could ship myself there too??
Well that’s it for now
Stay On Target

I want one of these!

Well while I was browsing around the internet for stuff for my favorite rifle I stumbled across this ammo belt from Allen

This might be just the thing for the range or hunting.

This would be great for carrying ammo on a hunt with your Mosin Nagant. Plus it just looks cool loaded up with all those brass rounds. The price looks right too at under 10.00 us.

Looks like it can be purchased from Amazon and several other sites. I might try and see if I can get Allen to let me sell then through here.

System issues on forum

Well if you were trying to logon the forum over the last week or 2 and had issues it’s not your fault.  I was performing upgrades on the forum when suddenly everything went down.  I couldn’t get the software to come back and when I went to have the hosting company restore the site their newest update was about a month old.

Needless to say it’s been quite the journey to get the system back online and running correctly.  Thankfully I found a small piece if software that helped fixed the database issues and I rebuilt the site completely over the last 3 days.  Now all the conflicts seem to have resolved and all is working as it should.  I did loose some photos within the posts that won’t see to come back but that’s ok I can always reload them.

I also lost some of the posts that were here on the forum that I’m going to have to redo from scratch (argh)

Thanks for your understanding and patients


MosZilla Update XI

The Eagle has Landed.

Yep you read correctly, MosZilla is home from her visit to the South East.  I must say she was well attended too by the folks as Teludyne Tech.  I’m working on a video of the rifle this weekend but I wanted to share a quick photo I took this evening when I got home.   To Mark, Noel, Alan, Jeff and the rest of the staff at Teludyne I can not thank you enough for your efforts to make this project a reality.

So with out further ado I give you a quick sneak peak at MosZilla!

So what do you think? There are still some things I’m going to work on but I think it looks great.