Work on Moszilla continues

Back From the Range
Well I took MosZilla to the range for a little quality time of punching holes in paper targets the other day. Gun vise in car this time my sons and I headed out to A Place To Shoot to meet some friends for some 100 yard fun. After shooting 100 rounds of 12 gauge ammo at some clay pigeons, we headed over to the rifle range. After setting MosZilla up on my vise I settled in behind the Hawke Optics scope and squeezed the trigger. The first shot went high and to the left. OK no big deal I half expected this since I had removed the scope and mount for some cleaning and adjustments. I tweaked the adjustments on the scope and fired another round. The Second shot was still high. It quickly became apparent that something was amiss on my rifle(Ok besides my shooting ability), but it wasn’t clear at the time what was the problem. My first mistake I believe was trying to set the scope up at 100 yards instead of 50 yards first. But that still would not explain what was going on. There were still a lot of variables that I was dealing with as well, a strong cross wind, different ammo than I normally used etc. So after a very frustrating day I brought MosZilla home and started to do a little forensic work on the rifle.

Hey what’s up with that?
I sat MosZilla back into the vise and leveled the vise and the rifle with a bubble level. That’s when I saw it, if I sat the bubble level on the vise it was level, when I sat the bubble on the stock it was level BUT on the barrel the bubble slammed towards the muzzle. Ok what”s up with that I thought, then I started looking at the stock. It appears that some of the bedding material had broken off after the last cleaning and now the action was not setting correctly in the stock. The rear portion of the action was setting lower than the front of the barrel. So much so that the scope could not compensate for it. So this gives me the perfect excuse and opportunity to install the Rock Solid pillars, action screws and the Timney Trigger! Wow I can’t wait for that 2 lbs trigger pull and no slop. On another note the new rifle is progressing slowly, I’m working on looking for a really good action to send out to TTI. Darrell at SCGUNCO has sent me a beautiful Hex receiver with a great bore I think will do job perfectly. well more to follow.
Stay on Target!

TGR Brass Stacker to introduce M44/M38 Scout Mount

Well I knew this was coming but not this quick!  TGR/Brass Stacker is preparing to release it’s new M44/M38 scout mount.  The new mounts are based upon TGR’s already proven and wildly popular M91/30 see thru scout mount.  This opens up a whole new world the M44 owner who is feed up with the cheap mounts out there that won’t hold zero.  This also opens up the scope world to the M38 owner who had almost zero options when it came to scope mounts.  I’m not sure of the official release date yet.  But as soon as I get some photos I’ll post them.

MosZilla and Her Sibling

Well there is no sibling rivalry here,  I got out the Nikon and took some photos of the 2 stocks side by side so you guys could see the difference in the new build.  The new stock is weighs in at 3.5 lbs and is very comfortable, MosZillas stock  is a little heavier 4.7 lbs .

MosZilla and Her Sister pose for a family portrait. The new rifles barrel will fully float

As you can see by the photo the new rifle also includes a adjustable cheek system, this one however incorporates heavy stainless steel springs for adjustments on the fly. This is really great for changing scopes during testing or changing  to another type siting system.  There are may changes in this stock design over Mozilla’s. First and foremost is that this stock is ambidextrous,  Mark Roth at TTI will like that.  Aaron told me that making that part of the design was a real challenge.  But I think he pulled it off brilliantly.  The other big change is the barrel will be fully floated.

New stocks adjustable cheek system, all hardware is stainless steel. I may add some washers to the top of the springs later

The action for the new rifle is on it’s way now.  After I’ve given it a good inspection, check the bore and fire some test rounds through it to make sure it shoots decent groups to start with.  The next thing that will happen is the stock and action will be winging it’s way back to Teludyne Tech for another StraightJacket barrel system. There are a few mods this rifle will have over MosZilla, I’m not disclosing those just yet until I’m sure they can be accomplished.   With all this attention I hope MosZilla doesn’t get jealous.  Well I doubt it she’s getting some updateds too.  Just wait until you see.

New project rifles stock has arrived.

Well this has been a good week so far, last night my newest project rifles stock arrived from lowelldesigns,  Aaron and I had been working out the details and the finished product was well worth the wait.

The stock was fabricated from 2 blocks of tiger oak and laminated with a Philippine mahogany layer down the center.  The weight is incredibly light, I was impress just how light and agile it feels.  It falls right into place when you put it to your shoulder.  I had Aaron make this an ambidextrous stock even though I’m a left handed shooter.

Aaron built and adjustable cheek system into this rifle, here it is being fitted

While this project rifle does not have a name designated for it yet I’ve got some ideas.

As I stated before the stock is fabricated using Tiger Oak,  Tiger Oak is made by Quarter-sawing a standard oak log this means cutting a log radially to the growth rings to produce a “vertical” and uniform pattern grain. Though it yields fewer and narrower boards per log than plain sawing, boosting their cost significantly. Quarter-sawn boards also expand and contract less than boards sawn by other methods. thus making a more temperature stable platform for the rifle.

Here is the stocks adjustable cheek system and just look at those stripes!

The new stock is about 3 inches shorter on the fore end than the original MosZilla design, that is do to the idea to fully float the barrel in this new project.  This rifle will also feature a Teludyne Tech StraightJacket Barrel system.  MosZilla’s success with the TTI product has convinced me that this the best choice for my new rifle as well.  Plans for this new project besides the StraightJacket are a Timney Trigger system, LaRue Tactical Scope mount, Hawke Optics Scope and a few new tricks I have up my sleeve.  Well stay tuned I’ll be posting more photos and build information soon.  If you enjoy the information and these build let me know.


TGR Brass Stackers M91/30 Scout!

I had talked with Brian not long ago and he was telling about these rifles, I finally can see what they are doing and all I can say is WOW!  I want one for sure.  Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.  Purists avert your eyes.

That’s one great product, I want one.. Hey Brian expect  a call very soon..


New Project Rifle Under Development

Well while MosZilla is not yet complete I decided I couldn’t go with out a new project as well.  While it is based on the same components my original project rile was it does have a few modifications.

Aaron Henderson has been working on my stock on and off over the last several months due to the temp where he lives he didn’t want to damage the wood due to the cold and lack of humidity.  The stock is a modified design that he and I came up with based on the original style stock he built for MosZilla.

The barrel is fully floated, in fact that portion looks similar to DevilDogs design, the stock design was modified to an ambidextrous design so now both left and right handed shooters can shoot it.  I also had him shorten the length of pull to 13.5, it has a adjustable cheek system installed and will be fitted with a (you guest it) StrightJacket Barrel system.  (Mark Roth I’m gonna be calling you soon) I may refinish the rifle and magazine in a durracoat Colt Gray.  That part is still undecided at the moment.

I’m going to talk with Alan at TTI about a 3 vent brake I saw a Sako that they had modded with one and I want to see if there would be any gain in using that design on a 7.62x54R instead of the standard 2 vent brake.

Well I’ll be posting photos of the stock later, I’m still working on a name for the project as well.

Free Mosin!

SOCAMO has worked out a deal with the guys at Teludyne Tech for the members of our forum.  With the UK59 barrels now in very short supply and a re-barrel for your Mosin Nagant well into the 400.00 range not including the gunsmith charges the guys at TTI are offering the following.

To celebrate the New Year, the Teludyne Team would like to pass along to SOCAMO members, a FREE RIFLE!

For $449.00 plus $35.00 Shipping and handling to the FFL of your choice, you are buying a Carbon Steel StraightJacket ® Barrel System installation and the custom installation of a picatinny rail and we are giving you the Mosin for FREE!

Starting DEC 31, 2011 and ending JAN 31, 2012 call the Teludyne office (864)334-5300 and place your order; you will need to give the Teludyne rep your SOCAMO screen name when you place your order.

You’ll need to be a member of the forum to get this offer.. So signup today!!.


TGR at it again!

Well my buddies at TRG have come up with another useful addition to your Mosin Nagant accessories. If you remember TRG developed a handle system for the Mosin bayonet that turns that hunk of steel in the corner into a useful pig hunting tool. Well the one thing that was missing was a way to carry that new tool into the fields. Enter the TGR Mosin Nagant bayonet scabbard. Made of quality leather and designed by master knife builder Rick Lowe, the scabbard features leather belt loops and heavy duty stitching for years of rugged use. Below is a link.
Brass Stacker Scabbard

Great inovation again from TGR! Way to go guys..

Pretty Cools Stuff TGR! I don’t know when these will be available to the public or the price they are going to be offered at as of yet, but I bet they get a ton of orders.


UK-59 Barrels supply?

Where have all the barrels gone?
Could it be that the supply of UK-59 barrels that were modded for use with the Mosin Nagant have begun to dry up? Well just take a look on GunBroker, TGI and other sites that were offering them. They have all but disappeared. It could be that someone has bought up all the existing available stock and more will be found, but what if there isn’t any more. TGI has the original HK-59 barrel unmodded to 350.00! that does not include the modding for the Mosin Nagant. If it is true that the supplies of these modded barrels have dried up, then this makes the Teludyne Tech StraightJacket Barrel system option all the more viable for the Mosin Nagant owner. I’ve been on the TTI band wagon for almost a year, I could not be happier with MosZilla’s performance. I bet Noel and the guys at TTI will see a jump in Mosin Nagant deliveries soon. In fact guys look for another Mosin from me soon!

New Camera for Me

Well I have been waiting to purchase a newer style DSLR camera to help with the photos work on the blog.  I had been using a old 2 mega pixel Olympus.  I will continue to use it on some photos because it’s one of the first DSLR types ever made and it does take nice photos.  But it has a fixed lens and I needed something with a little more flexibility, so I’ve picked up a Nikon D50 and 2 lenses.  The Nikon D50 is an Awesome 6.1 mega pixel with a boat load of features. So the quality of the photos and the time to produce them should be greatly improved.  The Nikon allows me to do Macro shots without the problem of getting out the tripod and lights etc.  So that was an early Christmas Present from me to me.  But hopefully you see some benefit too.
Stay On Target