MosZilla MKII Under Development

Once is not enough
Yes your reading correctly, after the success I had with the first MosZilla project rifle I’ve decided to up the anti a bit and start work on MosZilla MKII.

So What’s Under The Hood?
This build will again feature a Teludyne Tech Straight Jacket Barrel System but this time the barrel will be cut to 24 inches instead of MosZilla’s original 26 inch barrel. After doing some research and after chatting with Alan at Teludyne Tech I decided to go with the 24 vs the longer 26.

Aaron Henderson of LowelDesigns has already completed the heavily modified version of his classic Raven stock, but this time it’s in a beautiful English Walnut.  The stock has been fitted with and adjustable cheek and LOP system which comes from the great guys out at Stock Positioning Systems.  Ken at RSI has given me plenty of tips and tricks plus his pillars, Screws and Scope Mount are also included in this build.  LaRue Tactical scope rings and a Hawke Optics will again be my scope of choice and will give the new project rifle it’s eyes to see down range.

What No Pics?
Nope not until I get it all together, there will be a video as well. Let’s just say if you thought the original MosZilla was a head turner wait until you see her sister. Stay Tuned..
Stay On Target