MosZilla III Get’s a Timney

MosZilla III (Siberian Tigress) gets a Timney
This rifle looks to be quite the shooter, so when it came to adding a trigger system I decided to go with Timney Triggers.  My original MosZilla build had several different types of triggers installed and I really wasn’t happy with their performance.  After I installed the Timney in the original MosZilla my groups tightened up and my trigger break was so consistent, that I have become somewhat spoiled.   So when this project started the only trigger I wanted to install in MosZilla III was the Timney.

Prep For Installation

Preparing for installation

Preparing for installation

This rifle was built from parts, The action was already fitted with a Teludyne Tech StraightJacket Barrel System but that was it. If your doing this to an existing rifle your going to need remove the trigger and the seer spring but make sure you keep the seer screw and the trigger pin, your going to need them later. So after checking to make sure the trigger pin was the proper diameter and I had a trigger screw at hand, I began what is a very simple install.

Insert the trigger pin and tighten down on the pin with the set screw

Insert the trigger pin and tighten down on the pin with the set screw

So installation starts with taking your old trigger pin or in this case one I just bought, and sliding into the old trigger pivot point on the side opposite the safety lever. Then through the Timney assembly and stopping when the pin is inserted and flush with the action. The safety lever on the opposite site of the trigger will prevent you from going all the way through. Make sure you then use the provided hex wrench to tighten down the locking screw located in the back of the trigger assembly. This prevent the pin from slipping out of the action.

install 2Next is the seer screw installation, make sure the hole on the trigger assembly is aligned with the hole in the receiver and insert the seer screw and tighten it down.  Make sure you do not over tighten the screw,  snug is good enough.  Once the seer screw is installed and snug turn the action over and work the trigger to make sure all is well.

Almost Complete
Timney Trigger 5Next I inserted the bolt in the action and made sure the the bolt cycled properly.  It’s better to find out now if you have an issue than later.  And while I’ve never had an issue with any Timney Trigger I have had issues with building bolts from spare parts.  If you have some snap caps available you might wish to try and dry fire the action to make sure your trigger brake is correct also.  I have found that while you can have the trigger set at the factory for a specific poundage, your firing pin spring my cause the trigger to be slightly off. Now is an excellent time to test it while it’s out of the stock.  It’s easily adjusted so do it now. This also gives you a good reference point as your build proceeds.  This way if you do have any issues with your stock or pillars binding on the trigger you’ll know right away.

Ready For Action

beauty shot installFor the Mosin Nagant owner this is the best 100.00 you’ll ever spend, The consistency and quality are unsurpassed.  As a custom builder I’ve tried them all.  And I won’t put anything else in my builds.
There is one other trick that I use on my rifles that puts the icing on the cake for this trigger assembly.  Years ago I heard some long range shooters singing the praises of trigger shoes.  They were telling me that a shoe totally changes the feel of the trigger, actually making you think the pull trigger shoe cuis much less than it actually is.

Finding trigger shoes these days is not that easy task. It seems that they are considered old school, and have fallen out of fashion. As luck would have it, I happened to stumble across a shoe setup that looked extremely promising. Oddly enough it was made for a paintball gun. Who would have thought? This inexpensive shoe had the proper curve and a shape I liked.  The price was right also at about 5.00 each.  I purchased several to bring home to experiment with.  Be aware that these shoes do not work straight out of the box you’ll need to have the channel for the trigger opened up about 0.020 of an inch.  They are also chrome plated so be careful, I messed a few up by being too aggressive with the cutter and sander and the chrome simply pealed off. This is not a big deal since they are aluminum and can be polished to look quite nice.

Now that I have it figured out it’s not a problem.  Once installed you’ll not believe the difference in the comfort and feel, your able to squeeze the trigger with the tip of your finger. It actually makes a 2.5 lb trigger feel even less. Once you try it you’ll be amazed.

Well that’s it.. Your Timney Trigger system is installed and your ready to put the action in that new stock (or your old one).  But that is another article however..

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