Indiana: Preemption Improvement Bill Heads to the House, Transport Permit Repeal Bill set for Third Reading in the Senate!

Monday, February 14, proved sweet for Hoosier gun owners, as state Senators gave final approval to Senate Bill 292 by a vote of 38 to 12, sending it over to the House. The Indiana House of Representatives now prepares to receive its third pro-gun bill from the Senate. SB 292 seeks to improve and strengthen Indiana’s firearm preemption law.

Senate Bill 292, filed by state Senator Jim Tomes (R-49), is a strong and meaningful Preemption bill that would remove the grandfathered municipalities and mandate a statewide standard for firearm laws in Indiana. The law would also protect travelers throughout the state from running afoul of a patchwork of different gun laws when they cross municipal boundaries.

It is very important that the Indiana House passes the Senate bill without amendments which would erode the strength of the current Preemption legislation. Please be ready to contact your Representatives when the House accepts the bill and assigns it to committee.

The Senate also voted earlier today, February 15, to give Second Reading approval to SB 506. In voting to approve the bill on second reading, the Senate added an amendment to clarify the purpose and intent of the bill, while avoiding some amendments intended to harm the future strength of the legislation.

Senate Bill 506, introduced by state Senator Jim Tomes (R-49), would remove the onerous “transport permit� requirement from lawful Hoosier gun owners and travelers in Indiana. It is currently illegal to transport a handgun in your vehicle for any reason unless you are driving from the point of purchase to your home or fixed place of business, or from your home or fixed place of business to a gunsmith for repair.

SB 506 now awaits a final passage vote, which could come as early as Thursday. If approved on Third Reading, the Transport Permit Improvement bill will be sent to the Indiana House.

Please contact your state Senator and respectfully ask him or her to support SB 506 to provide significant and necessary reforms to Indiana’s “transport permit� requirement. Contact information can be found by clicking here.

Thank you for making your voices heard in the Indiana General Assembly. Your elected officials respond positively when they hear from you!

NRA will keep you up-to-date on these bills as they continue moving through the Indiana General Assembly.