Hawke Sport Optics Endurance 30 Review

Hawke Sport Optics
Who are they you ask? Well for over 30 years Hawke Sport Optics has been the leading optics supplier in Europe. They are also the number one selling scope in Europe. And while they may not be as well known here in the States as some other scopes with bigger price tags you’ll see here that they offer more bang for the buck.

I’ve owned may types of scopes over the years, from expensive to low budget and so when I comes to mounting a piece of glass on a rifle I need a scope that works for my shooting style. Being a left handed shooter seems sometimes to presents extra challenges, one of which I always seem to come up against is eye relief. Another issue with the Mosin Nagant is recoil, Mosins simply do not play well with cheap scopes and will quickly show a scopes vulnerabilities.

Hawke Sport Optics Endurance 30
The Endurance 30 is one of Hawke’s higher end scopes, the one I wanted to test was their 3-12X50. When the Endurance 30 arrived the first thing I noticed is it comes in a case. No not some flimsy cardboard thing but a substantial foam lined metal edged case. The Endurance 30 also comes with screw on metal dust caps as well as a lens cloth, but for some reason Hawke did not offer a sun shade for this model. While it’s a 50 on the objective bell the sun shade from a Hawke Nite Eye with a same sized objective did not fit. This is not a huge deal by any stretch, but it would have been a great option.

So after mounting the scope on the LaRue tactical mount and leveling it on the rifle, I began to set up for proper eye relief. First thing I noticed is just how good the eye relief is on this scope.   Hawke specs says 3 to 4 inches, I needed about just a little over 3. I did not have to struggle to get the proper scope eye alignment at all. The optics are so bright and clear and it the large rear ocular that almost makes you feel like the scope is part of you. I guess I could describe it this way, with most scopes you feel like your looking down a tube, slightly off alignment and you can’t see. Not with the Endurance 30, this one feels like your eyes are part of the scope. Absolutely beautiful.


Hawke Endurance 30 3-12x50mm L4 Dot IR Waterproof Rifle scope bring you superb clarity in those crucial moments at dusk and dawn when you’re most likely to bag that big buck. Built with a Japanese-engineered 30mm optical system, the Hawke Optics Endurance 30 3-12x50mm IR Riflescope offers a brighter image and wider field of view than traditional riflescopes. Each Hawke Endurance 30 Riflescope is machined from high-grade aluminum using the very latest precision manufacturing techniques. The one-piece mono-tube scope body is engineered to be 25% stronger than conventional riflescopes. This guarantees a stronger, more accurate and reliable riflescope that will give years of service on any rifle, in any weather.

The Hawke Endurance 30 Scope features an 11 position side rheostat, controlling the variable brightness of the L4 Dot fast target acquisition reticle – perfect for close and long range hunting situations. The Hawke Endurance 30 3-12x50mm Rifle Scope w/ Illuminated L4 Dot Reticle will outperform all other riflescopes in the same class. The mono-tube styling and side rheostat are guaranteed to look and perform better on your favorite rifle.

L4 Dot Reticle – Based on the popular 30/30 reticle, with a fine top post to ensure the target is not obscured. The illuminated dot offers quick and accurate placement. Eleven brightness settings ensure you always have the proper brightness for your hunting situation.


30mm mono-tube design handles the heaviest recoiling rifles
Fully multi-coated optics for maximum clarity
L4 illuminated reticle for quick target acquisition
1/4 MOA fingertip turrets for easy adjustments
Coil erector spring secures internals during recoil
Coarse knurled magnification ring
Screw-in lens covers protect your investment
Rated for all calibers of firearm
Waterproof, Shockproof, and Fog Proof
Hawke Worldwide Warranty

Package Content:

1 x Hawke Endurance 30 3-12×50 IR Rifle Scope, Illuminated L4 Dot Reticle
1 x Screw-in Lens Caps
1 x Lens Cloth
1 x CR2032 Lithium Battery
1 x Instruction Booklet
1 x Allen Wrench

Tech Specs
Hawke Endurance 30 3-12×50 IR Rifle Scope, Illuminated L4 Dot Reticle
Model: HK3344
BRC no
Field of View ft @ 1000yards: 32-8.2
Field of View m @ 1000m: 10.5-2.7
Eye Relief, inches: 3.9-4.3
Eye Relief, mm: 99-109
Length, in: 14.4
Length, mm: 366
Weight, oz: 24.2
Weight, g 686

Range Report
I took the Endurance 30 to my local range to put it through it’s paces, I had installed it on my newest custom Mosin MosZilla Mk III and really didn’t know what to expect from the rifle or the scope. It was late in the afternoon and the lighting was very flat. So after doing some test shots to get the rifle on paper, I sighted the scope in and was ready to try her out at a longer distance.   I placed a new target out on the range and waited for the range master to call the range hot.   I settled in behind the scope, Once again that large rear ocular was bright and clear. I could clearly see the target in that flat light. I fired five shots and waited for the range master to call a cease fire and the range cold, that seemed like forever.  I didn’t have a spotter or a good pair of binoculars but what I could see through the scope looked promising.   As I walked up to the target you should have seen my face I was greeted with this.
Target MosZilla MK III with text

The range where I shoot also has lights for night shoots but there is that period at dusk where the light is low and the lighting was not turned on, For some cheaper scopes this is a problem, but it wasn’t and issue for the Hawke scope, I simply used the lowest setting on the L4 lighted reticule and kept on shooting. After 40 rounds 7.62x54R ammo was sent down range the the scope was still holding it’s settings. In fact my 2 boys were able to get on target with this scope without any adjustment for them. Now they want one too..


Hawke has produced some very nice scopes in the past, But I must say this one has to be my favorite so far.  In fact I like this scope so much I’m actually looking for another one of these for MosZilla MK IV.  Great Scope at a Great Price.

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