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The original MosZilla build at the top has had some serious makeover work. MosZilla II is by far the most adjustable and MosZilla III is unbelievably comfortable and just way to fun to shoot.

The original MosZilla build at the top has had some serious makeover work. MosZilla II is by far the most adjustable and probably the most technical.   MosZilla III is unbelievably comfortable, accurate and just way too fun to shoot.

MosZilla MK I
Well it’s been a while since I did any updates to the original post about MosZilla, but as you can see I’ve been quite busy. MosZilla MK I received some repair work to her stock due the the fact that it originally was not pillared or bedded, The fact it had a heavier barrel caused the tang to strike the stock each time it was fired which caused some minor damage. This has been totally repaired and the stock is now pillared with Rock Solid pillar and action screws, it was also bedded with Devcon. Another huge improvement is original AR15 style scope mount was tossed and replaced with a LaRue Tactical SPR E 139 mount. This lowered the scope and made for a really solid scope mount. The trigger system that was installed gave lack luster performance and was very inconsistent. So that was replaced with a Timney Trigger and a custom trigger shoe. Now the trigger breaks at a very consistent 2.5 lbs

MosZilla MK II
This is probably the most technical of the three rifles, It’s foundation is a Aaron Henderson “Raven” stock that is heavily modded.  Features include cheek and LOP adjustments from Stock Positioning Systems.  Another feature is the RSI scope mount, pillars and action screws.  A Timney Trigger fitted with a trigger shoe makes for a great light trigger. The stocks fore end incorporates  a European style accessory rail, and Max Shepard did another superb job on the custom bolt handle.  Teludyne Tech Industries cut the barrel to 24 inches and installed the Straight Jacket Barrel system with their muzzle brake.  Optics are Hawke Sport Optics Varmint Side Focus 3-12×44. The Varmint is an awesome piece of glass. It’s really accurate and it’s great in low light as well.

MosZilla MK III
Nick Named (Siberian Tigress) this rifle started life as a TTI Straight Jacketed barreled action that belonged to one of our forum members. It shot really well, but he wanted to use some of the components for another rifle project, I was really happy when he asked me if I was interested in purchasing unit from him. This is truly what one would call a parts gun, Built from parts from my parts box and others purchased. Bluegrass Stock Company was contacted and Morgan Stapp created an awesome custom curly maple stock based on their Tactical design, it was modded with a 1.25 inch barrel channel to accommodate the TTI Straight Jacket. I had picked up some really excellent quality parts off ebay, I found a perfect magazine, I purchased an unmarked floor plate as well as an unissued seer screw, trigger pin. I need a few bolt components so I procured those as well. Max Shepard did another custom bolt handle for me but this time it was threaded to allow for a different style bold knob. Pacific Tool and Gauge got the call for this with their 7.00 bolt knob. I’ve also created a really cool mod for my bolts that allows them to cycle really smoothly, so this mod was installed in this rifle too. It took a little work but bolt head spaced perfectly. I fitted it with another Timney Trigger and shoe setup as well. First time out at the range after doing some test shots to dial the Hawke Endurance 30 scope, as matter of fact I had 3 shots touching in the bull at a 100 yards. I must say this is one of the best scopes I’ve ever shot with, it almost feels like the scope is part of you. This is truly one sweet “Kitty”

Will there be a MosZilla IV
Most likely, I’m chatting with TTI at the moment about their Next Gen Straight Jacket system, according to Rob Miller and Alan Adolphsen this new process makes for a substantially lighter barrel, in fact I was told they add less than a pound to the rifle. I would love to try one out and see the performance. I’m also considering doing a custom barreled 7.62X54R but instead of the typical .311 bore having it barreled with a true .308 bore, something like the M28/76 but with a bull barrel. With a plethora of .308 bullets out there the possibilities are mind boggling, in fact there are some really hi tech .308 bullets out there that would be really fun to try out. I’ll keep you guys posted as to which way this next build will go.

Well that’s it for now, keep your eyes peeled for another custom soon.
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