Cool Tool from TGR/Brass Stacker

OK well I know it’s been a long time since my last post, I’ve been going crazy rebuilding the site after a software upgrade went horribly wrong. But I’m back with good news for us Mosin Nagant owners who have always wanted an easy way to remove the recoil bolt from our stocks without damaging the part.

Right Tool For The Right Job
If you’ve ever tried to remove the recoil bolt from a Mosin Nagant rifle you’ll find it’s not an easy task. Often I’ve resorted to needle nose pliers or some other tool to try and remove that bolt with out damage. Most of the time resulting in a nasty scratch that I need to fix. Well no more, enter the MNSW Mosin Nagant Recoil Lug Nut Spanner Wrench. This little lug nut tool makes short work of removing or tightening that recoil bolt. Steve Wait at Brass Stacker was kind enough to send one out for me to test, This thing is a real must have for the Mosin Nagant owner and collector.

Interesting Side Note
I’m currently taking apart a war time stock for refinishing so I grabbed MNSW and started to remove the bolt. I was shocked when I found out how loose that bolt was. It was so loose that it easily turned in the stock, This started me thinking about could this effect the accuracy of a standard Mosin M91/30 and I believe it will. I’ll post more on this later.

Back To Our Story
The MNSW fits into a standard 1/2 inch socket, you can then use a ratchet or T handle to remove the cap side of the bolt. Once that is removed you simply push the other side out. I will say I was shocked at how much cosmoline was trapped under the bolt.  The one thing I would recommend is perhaps using an magnetized socket.  Or  magnetizing  the tool or adding a small bit of electrical tape to the sides to keep the MNSW in the socket.   With that being said this is the only criticism I could come up with for the product.  The price is right as well at a cool $10.75 us.  If you have a Mosin Nagant you really should have one of these in your kit.

Stay On Target