Check out whats new from NcStar the DELTA 4X30 Scope

I’ve been looking at some of the new hardware that has been coming out over the last year, I must say I was surprised when I saw a new scope from NcStar that looks like nothing else I’ve seem on the market.  Their Delta series scope Model# VDELP430G  DELTA 4X30 Scope w/White & Red NAV LED looks very interesting indeed.  Now I know you guys are probably saying you can’t mount that on a Mosin Nagant.  To which I say why not.  But then again I don’t own only Mosin Nagant rifles.  I think this scope has a ton of potential for various platforms.  In fact since Commiefornia has decided that all black rifles are bad again for no logical reason, and had decided to ban their sale I’ve decided to add some to the SOCAMO family.  Also the forum has been updated and now supports discussion areas for this and many other firearms.  So yes I could test this on an AR style rifle if I wanted too.

ncstar 1Here is some data from the NcStar website on the Delta:

• Delta 4X30mm fixed magnification scope with Red & White LED Navigation lights and top mounted Back-Up Iron Sights.
• The Electronic Control Panel is placed on top of the scope for Ambidextrous use. You can turn On/Off the Illuminated Reticle & LED NAV Lights, adjust the brightness level of the Illuminated Reticle, change select the Illuminated Reticle Color (Blue or Red) and the LED NAV Lights (White & Red). There are five brightness settings for the Illuminated Reticle.
• Elevation adjustment is done with the accessible turret wheel on the bottom of the scope and the Windage adjustment is via the Turret on the side.
• New GEN3 Integrated Auto Locking Quick Release Mount, fits Weaver/ Picatinny/ MIL-STD 1913 type rails. Features a redesigned and more compact lever.
• Top mounted Backup Iron rear peep sight and Fiber Optic front sight post.
• White & Red Navigation LED Lights for maneuvering in the Dark. Lower powered lighting helps preserves users night vision and their ability for their eyes to see in the dark. Supplements bright Tactical lights, which may be too bright to use for Navigation.
• AR15/ M4 1½” Scope Centerline height.
• Die Cast Aluminum Body with Black Anodized body
• Fully Multi-Coated lens for a bright crystal clear image quality.
• Uses 2 each AA Batteries (Included)
Those are some interesting features,  Nav lights also sound useful, but until I actually see then in action I can’t say for sure.  I currently own several NcStar products and have used them on my rifles as well as my sons rifles with great success.  I’m hoping to get my hands on one of these for review soon.  Anyway check it and all the other products out at
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