Arizona: NRA-Backed Bills Progress in the House and Senate

As the legislative session continues in Phoenix, three pro-gun bills have recently received positive committee action. House Bill 2140, legislation to protect your firearms rights against Homeowners Associations and landlords, passed committee and will now move to caucus in the House, then to the House Committee of the Whole. Senate Bills 1469 and 1467, which seek to strengthen your self-defense rights, also passed committee and will now move to caucus, then to the Committee of the Whole in the Senate. 

Earlier today, the House Government Committee passed House Bill 2140 by a 5 to 2 vote, with two absent votes. This bill would prohibit Homeowner Associations (HOA) and landlords from requiring a tenant to agree to waive any right guaranteed by the Constitution of Arizona. Essentially, it would prevent the HOA and lease holders from preventing firearms ownership, possessing firearms, carrying concealed or any other form of firearm ownership.

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed Senate Bill 1469, by 7 to 0 vote, with one absent vote. This bill would strengthen the current “Castle Doctrine� self-defense legislation by broadening the allowance for the use of force, including deadly force, to provide greater protection for those forced to defend themselves from an attacker.

Senate Judiciary Committee also passed Senate Bill 1467 yesterday by a vote of 5 to 3, despite heavy opposition from anti-gun advocates from the local universities and the university police. SB 1467 would prohibit an educational institution from adopting or enforcing any policy prohibiting the possession of a concealed weapon by a permit holder or for the lawful transportation or storage of a firearm.

At this time no action is required on your part.  However, please continue to check your e-mail and for updates on these and other Second Amendment-related legislation.